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  1. Apology
  2. The Lover
  3. Seduction
  4. The Thespian
  5. Hymn For The Shameless
  6. Annabel
  7. Beautiful In Blue
  8. The Artist
  9. The Murderer
  10. Ambrosia
  11. As You Wish
  12. Early Mourning
  13. Lullaby Of The Crucified
  14. This Conversation Is Over
  15. Congratulations, I Hate You
  16. Curse Of The Virgin Canvas
  17. Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good
  18. In Her Tomb By The Sounding Sea
  19. Kiss Me Kill Me
  20. The Last Three Letters
  21. A Lunatic's Lament
  22. And Now For The Final Illusion
  23. Dancing Alone
  24. Endings Without Stories
  25. Fatima Rusalka
  26. Heavy Hangs The Albatross
  27. Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen
  28. Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken
  29. The Wanderer
  30. To Be Scared by an Owl
  31. Untitled
  32. A Forbidden Dance
  33. A Gilded Masquerade
  34. A Most Profound Quiet
  35. A Most Profund Quiet
  36. A Siren's Soliloquy
  37. Adagio For Catastrophe
  38. Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time
  39. Alesana
  40. All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace
  41. And Now For The Final Ilusion
  42. And They Call This Tragedy
  43. Apology (remix)
  44. Before Him All Shall Scatter
  45. Best Ex-Friend
  46. Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming
  47. Beyond The Sacred Glass
  48. Catharsis
  49. Ciao, Bella
  50. Circle VII
  51. Circle VII: Sins Of The Lion
  52. Comedy Of Errors
  53. Daggers Speak Louder Than Words
  54. Deja Vu All Over Again
  55. Double Or Nothing
  56. Early Mourning
  57. Fatal Optimist
  58. Fits And Starts
  59. Hand In Hand With The Damned
  60. Hiatus
  61. Icarus
  62. Interlude 4
  63. Interval (Hiatus Reborn)
  64. It Was a Dark And Stormy Night
  65. Labyrinth
  66. Madeline
  67. Nero's Decay
  68. Nevermore
  69. Not a Single Word About This
  70. Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word
  71. Paradox
  72. Pathetic, Ordinary
  73. Praeludium
  74. Ravenous
  75. Red And Dying Evening
  76. Requiem
  77. Second Guessing
  78. The Acolyte
  79. The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettes
  80. The Coward
  81. The Dark Wood Of Error
  82. The Fiend
  83. The Goddess
  84. The Martyr
  85. The Puppeteer
  86. The Temptress
  87. The Third Temptation Of Paris
  88. The Uninvited Thirteenth
  89. This Is Usually The part Where People Scream
  90. Through The Eyes Of Uriel
  91. Tilting The Hourglass
  92. Toxic
  93. Vestige
  94. Welcome To The Vanity Faire
  95. What Goes Around
  96. What Goes Around... Comes Around

Alesana ( AL-iss-AN-ə) is an American post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina. The group was founded by Shawn Milke, Dennis Lee, Patrick Thompson, Steven Tomany and Daniel Magnuson during the fall of 2004, and is currently signed to Revival Recordings and Artery Recordings. Alesana has collectively released three EPs and five full-length studio albums. The band started to pick up an audience shortly after the release of the debut, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, featuring a musical style shifting between light and heavy sounds along with a wide influence ranging from pop, punk, metal and even classic rock bands. The release of their third album, The Emptiness (2010) saw Alesana's fanbase grow expansively.

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