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  1. Like Strangers Do
  2. All My Friends
  3. Cheap Red Wine
  4. Hate That I Love You
  5. Move On
  6. My Lover, My Friend
  7. Slow Dance (feat. Ava Max)
  8. Used To Be
  9. After You (feat. Meghan Trainor)
  10. Afterhours (feat. Nina Nesbitt, Teamwork)
  11. Blame It On The Mistletoe
  12. Burn
  13. Cameras On
  14. Down In Flames
  15. Girls
  16. Growing Pains
  17. Heaven’s Gate
  18. Hi-Lo
  19. High Like You
  20. Hopeful
  21. I Choose You
  22. I Don’t Want You Back
  23. imagine
  24. Lovers On The Moon
  25. Maybe
  26. Mind
  27. Miss You
  28. No Plans (feat. Marteen)
  29. Not About Love
  31. Out My Mind
  32. Say It Again
  33. Somebody
  34. Spring Break (feat. Rich The Kid)
  35. STOP
  36. Talk So Much
  37. Unstoppable
  38. Without You Now (feat. Digital Farm Animals)
  39. Passionate

Aaron Fredrick "AJ" Mitchell Jr. (born May 17, 2001), is an American singer-songwriter and musician who is currently signed to Insanity Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music. He gained a following in 2017 after posting clips of himself singing and performing covers on YouTube and Instagram. His first independent single, "Used To Be", was written by Mitchell at age 13 and has over 100 million streams. Mitchell has four songs that have reached the Top 40 on the US radio charts, the July 2018 release "Girls", which reached No. 39, the March 2019 release "All My Friends", which reached No. 24, "Slow Dance" (featuring Ava Max), which reached No. 28, and "Stop" from his debut studio album Skyview (2021), which reached No. 33.

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