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  1. マリーゴールド (Marigold)
  2. Hadaka No Kokoro (Naked Heart)
  3. ai wo tsutaetai da toka
  4. Kimi Wa Rock Wo Kikanai
  5. 〇〇ちゃん (marumaru chan)
  6. 3636
  7. Aoi
  8. Chika
  9. Even If The World Ends Tomorrow
  10. Good Night, Baby
  11. Haato (heart)
  12. Harunohi
  13. hatsukoi ga naiteiru
  14. Ikite Ita ‘Nda Yo Na
  15. Konya Kono Mama (Let The Night)
  16. Mangetsu No Yoru Kara
  17. Matryoshka
  18. Morning Sun
  19. Sakura Ga Furu Yoru Wa (On a Cherry Blossom Night)
  20. Sora no Aosa o Shiru Hito yo
  21. Super Girl
  22. Till I Know What Love Is (I'm Never Gonna Die)
  23. Wakatte'nai

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