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  1. Neste silêncio
  2. Quero falar com Deus
  3. Sabes tudo de mim
  4. Sim de Maria
  5. Vaso novo
  6. Venha comigo

Aída is a Spanish sitcom that aired on Telecinco from 16 January 2005 to 8 June 2014. Set in Madrid, it is a spin off of the sitcom 7 Vidas, on which Aída was a recurring character. It was produced by Globomedia.The show stars Carmen Machi as Aída García, a working single mother with two teenage children who is forced to move in with her mother Eugenia, played by Marisol Ayuso, and brother Luisma, played by Paco León, to make ends meet. The show received favorable criticism and was the most-viewed show in Spain from 2007 until the end of its run. It has also received several awards, including the Ondas Award for Best Spanish Sitcom. The Polish remake of the series began airing in March 2012 on the TVP2 channel.

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