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  1. A Cripled Mind
  2. A Cut Inside My Soul
  3. Alarmstufe Rot
  4. BängBäng GoodBye
  5. Bis Das Blut Gefriert
  6. Bloodqueen
  7. Blut, Sex, Tod
  8. Blutverlust
  9. Breakfast With Bundy
  10. C.o.a. (church Of Agonoize)
  11. Chains Of Love
  12. Church Noir
  13. Circle Of Death
  14. Dad Is Dead
  15. Death, Murder, Kil.
  16. Deleted
  17. Der Letzte Kreuzzug
  18. Drowning In Isolation
  19. Evil Illusion
  20. Exitus
  21. Femme Fatale
  22. For The Sick And Disturbed
  23. Glaubenskrieger
  24. God For Sale
  25. Goodbye
  26. Gottlos
  27. Hate
  28. I against me
  29. I Am
  30. In Deinem Grab
  31. In The Name of God
  32. Intocication
  33. Intoxication
  34. Kind Der Nacht
  35. Knick Knäck / Slashed Open
  36. Koprolalie
  37. Last Days On Earth
  38. Legion
  39. Lost You
  40. Lüge Liebe
  41. Man Made God
  42. My Battlefield
  43. New World Disorder
  44. Objectum Sexuality
  45. Ohne Titel
  46. Ohnetitel
  47. Open the Gate
  48. Opus Dei
  49. Ordinary Life
  50. Paradox
  51. Paranoid Destruction
  52. Pavillon 5
  53. Pornomagcenterfold
  54. Psychopath
  55. Puppenmädchen
  56. Rebellion
  57. Rituale Romanum
  58. Running
  59. Sacrifice
  60. Sacrilege
  61. Schaufensterpuppenarsch
  62. Seelenbrecher V.3
  63. Sexual Violation
  64. Slave To The Needle
  65. Staatsfeind
  66. Suizid
  67. The Color Of Blood
  68. The Holy Flame
  69. To Paradise
  70. Unchained
  71. Viva La Muerte
  72. Vollrauschfetischist
  73. Zero, Zero, Eight, One

Agonoize is a German aggrotech band consisting of Mike Johnson (composition, programming, production and mastering), Oliver Senger (composition and programming) and Chris L (lyrics and vocals). The band's 2005 EP, Evil Gets an Upgrade, peaked at #4 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and ranked #69 on the DAC Top Singles for 2005. The double CD 999 peaked at #3 on the DAC, ranking #19 on the DAC Top 50 Albums of 2006.

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