Lyrics by Agnostic Front

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  1. For My Family
  2. Gotta Go
  3. My Life My Way
  4. Urban Decadence
  5. A Mi Manera
  6. Addiction
  7. All Is Not Forgotten
  8. Alright
  9. Another Side
  10. Another Voice
  11. Anthem
  12. Bastard
  13. Before My Eyes
  14. Believe
  15. Blind Injustice
  16. Blind Justice
  17. Blinded
  18. Blood, Death And Taxes
  19. Bloodsucker
  20. Bomber Zee
  21. Bullet On Mott St.
  22. Casuality Of The Times
  23. Casualty Of The Times
  24. City Streets
  25. Club Girl
  26. Crime Without Sin
  27. Critic
  28. Crucial Changes
  29. Crucial Moment
  30. Crucified
  31. Crucifield
  32. Dead To Me
  33. Dead Yuppies
  34. Dedication
  35. Discriminate Me
  36. Do Or Die
  37. Empty Dreams
  38. Everybody's A Critic
  39. Existence Of Hate
  40. Fall Of The Parasite
  41. Fascist Attitudes
  42. Fight
  43. Final War
  44. Force Feed
  45. Friend Of Foe
  46. Friend Or Foe
  47. Frustration
  48. Genesis
  49. Growing Concern
  50. Happened Yesterday
  51. Hardcore! (The Definition)
  52. Hiding Inside
  53. Hypocrisy
  54. I Had Enough
  55. I Live It
  56. I Wanna Know
  57. In Control
  58. It's For Life
  59. It's My Life
  60. It's Time
  61. Jailbreak
  62. Last Warning
  63. Liberty
  64. Liberty & Justice
  65. Lost
  66. Love To Be Hated
  67. More Than a Memory
  68. My Life
  69. My War
  70. New Jack
  71. No Fear
  72. No Mercy
  73. No One Hears You
  74. No One Rules
  75. Nothing's Free
  76. Now And Forever
  77. Now And Them
  78. Now And Then
  79. Nowhere To Go
  80. One Voice
  81. Out For Blood
  82. Out Of Reach
  83. Outrage
  84. Over The Edge
  85. Pauly The Dog
  86. Peace
  87. Pedophile
  88. Police State
  89. Police Violence
  90. Politician
  91. Power
  92. Price You Pay
  93. Pride, Faith, Respect
  94. Public assistance
  95. Rage
  96. Remind them
  97. Retaliate
  98. Riot, Riot Upstart
  99. Rock Star
  100. Self Pride
  101. Shadows
  102. Shoot His Load
  103. Sickness
  104. Sit And Watch
  105. So Pure To Me
  106. Society Suckers
  107. Something's Gotta Give
  108. Standing On My Own
  109. Still Here
  110. Strenght
  111. Strength
  112. Suburban Rebels
  113. Take 'Em All
  114. Take Me Back
  115. That's Life
  116. The Blame
  117. The Eliminator
  118. The Sacrifice
  119. The Tombs
  120. Time Has Come
  121. Time Will Come
  122. Today, Tomorrow, Forever
  123. Toxic Shock
  124. Traitor
  125. Trust
  126. Uncle Sam
  127. Uncle Sun
  128. Undertow
  129. United And Strong
  130. United Blood
  131. United Fight
  132. Until The Day I Die
  133. Us Against The World
  134. Victim In Pain
  135. Voices
  136. Warriors
  137. With Time
  138. Your Fall
  139. Your Mistake
  140. Your Worst Enemy

Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band from New York City. Founded in 1980, the band is considered an important influence on the New York hardcore scene, as well as a pioneer of the crossover thrash genre.

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