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  1. Digital Deceit
  2. Alone
  3. Emphasis
  4. Reflections
  5. Beautiful Emptiness
  6. Energize Me
  7. Face Your Demons
  8. Follow in the Cry
  9. Forlorn Hope
  10. Wings Of Illusion
  11. Attendance
  12. Being Everyone
  13. Beneath
  14. Between Love & Fire
  15. Between Love And Fire
  16. Beyond Me
  17. Beyond Me
  18. Black tomb
  19. Blind Pain
  20. Boundaries Are Open
  21. Childhood In Minor
  22. Come
  23. Cry With a Smile
  24. De-Energized
  25. Discord
  26. Dreamflight
  27. Eccentric
  28. Empty Memories
  29. Enter
  30. Envision
  31. Ephemeral
  32. Equally Destructive
  33. Estranged
  34. Evoke
  35. Ex Cathedra
  36. For The Time Being
  37. Forever
  38. Free of Doubt
  39. Glorifying Means
  40. Imperfect Tenses
  41. Inimical Chimera
  42. Intrinsic
  43. Leaden Legacy
  44. Life's Vortex
  45. Line Of Thoughts
  46. Live And Learn
  47. Living Shields
  48. Lonely
  49. Mea Culpa
  50. Monolith Of Doubt
  51. My Choice
  52. My Pledge Of Allegiance (The Secret Fate)
  53. My pledge of Allegiance #1
  54. My Pledge of Allegiance #2
  55. No Control
  56. One Day I'll Fly Away
  57. Only Everything
  58. Semblance of Confusion
  59. Silence from Afar
  60. Sins of Idealism
  61. Strong
  62. Sweet Enclosure
  63. Taste The Day
  64. The Evil That Men Do
  65. The Key
  66. Through Square Eyes
  67. Tortuous Threnody
  68. Transitory
  69. Two Sides
  70. Victim of Choices
  71. Who I Am (feat. Doro Pesch)
  72. Who Wants to Live Forever
  73. Withering Time
  74. Yield To Temptation
  75. Zenith

After Forever was a Dutch symphonic metal band with strong progressive metal influences. The band relied on the use of both soprano vocals and death growls. In February 2009, it was announced that After Forever had disbanded. Singer Floor Jansen and keyboardist Joost van den Broek both collaborated again in ReVamp and Star One, before Jansen eventually joined Nightwish as lead singer in 2013. Former rhythm guitarist Mark Jansen founded Epica in 2002 after his departure from After Forever and, in 2010, founded MaYaN, which included former After Forever members Sander Gommans and Jack Driessen. Floor Jansen has appeared as a session or live vocalist for both Epica and MaYaN.

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