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  1. Adiemus
  2. Amaté Adea
  3. Cantilena
  4. Cantus - Song Of Tears
  5. Cantus - Song Of The Spirit
  6. Cantus - Song Of The Trinity
  7. Cantus Inæqualis
  8. Cantus Iteratus
  9. Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
  10. Chorale II (Roosh Ka Ma)
  11. Chorale IV (Alame Oo Ya)
  12. Chorale V (Arama Ivi)
  13. Chorale VI (Sol-Fa)
  14. Chorale VII (A Ma Ka Ma)
  15. Hymn
  16. In Cælum Fero
  17. Kayama
  18. Kayama [radio Edit]
  19. Song of Æolus
  20. Tintinnabulum

Adiemus may refer to: Adiemus (albums), a series of albums of music composed by Karl Jenkins Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary, the first album of the series "Adiemus" (song), the title track of the first album Adiemus (ensemble), the group of Karl Jenkins, Mike Ratledge, and Miriam Stockley formed for Songs of Sanctuary

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