Lyrics by Adam West

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  1. Flower, Fist And Bestial Wail
  2. .357
  3. (come Up To The) Penthouse
  4. 6 And 6 Is
  5. Beauty
  6. Blueblood
  7. Bounty Hunter
  8. Break Down The Wall
  9. Bulletproof
  10. C'mon And Bludgeon Me
  11. Center Stage
  12. Charm
  13. Cut Loose
  14. Devilishly Handsome
  15. Done Me Wrong
  16. Doomsday
  17. Ecuadoran Eyeball
  18. Electrified
  19. Eye To Eye
  20. Fear For My Life
  21. Fire In My Bones
  22. For All I Care
  23. Gentlemen's Evening
  24. Gets Me Off
  25. Gigolo
  26. Gimme A Bed Or Gimme A Bullet
  27. God's Gift To Women
  28. Haunted
  29. Have Your Way With Me
  30. Hi-ball
  31. Hot Chocolate
  32. Hotsy Totsy
  33. I Get A Sensation
  34. I Left As A Lamb (but I'll Return As A Lion)
  35. In The Back Of My Hearse
  36. Iron Chain
  37. Juggernaut
  38. Little Sister
  39. Lost Im Ost
  40. Love Like A Stone
  41. Manny The Ripper
  42. Megalomania (is My Only Vice)
  43. Nine
  44. Oscar The Grouch
  45. Paint It Brown
  46. Piece Of Ass
  47. Platinum
  48. Pocket
  49. Power To The People
  50. Rocks Will Fall
  51. Second Sight
  52. Shield Your Eyes
  53. Sixth Son Of A Seventh Son
  54. Sizzleen
  55. Something Wicked
  56. Speedbump
  57. Sultry Motherfucker
  58. Swagger
  59. The Floozy
  60. The Future's On My Side
  61. There's a Bimboo Under My Bed
  62. Thora's Hammer
  63. Trying To Be A Man In A Woman's World
  64. Unclean
  65. Until You Kiss Me
  66. Upside Down
  67. Vanilla
  68. Vex Me Hex Me
  69. Vodka Tonic Blues
  70. We've Got Cake
  71. Wishbone
  72. Woke Up On The Ceiling
  73. Wrong-way Ronnie
  74. Your Wish Is My Command
  75. Yr Days Are Numbered, Motherfucker
  76. Zenith

William West Anderson (September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017), known as Adam West, was an American actor. He portrayed Batman in the 1960s ABC series of the same name and its 1966 theatrical feature film, reprising the role in various media until 2017. Making his film debut in the 1950s, West starred opposite Chuck Connors in Geronimo (1962) and The Three Stooges in The Outlaws Is Coming (1965), and also appeared in the science fiction film Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964). He voiced parodied versions of himself in the animated television sitcoms The Fairly OddParents (2003–2008), The Simpsons (1992, 2002), and Family Guy (2000–2019). In the latter, he played Mayor Adam West between the second and seventeenth seasons. He received a television star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012.

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