Lyrics by Absurd Minds

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  1. 2forces
  2. A Man Received The Answer
  3. A stride through time
  4. Absurd
  5. Body
  6. brainwash
  7. Captivated
  8. confusion
  9. creators
  10. Crucifixion
  11. Damn The Lie
  12. Deception
  13. Die Stimme
  14. Doors
  15. Dreamgame
  16. Dreary
  17. Essence
  18. Fairy Stories
  19. Free From Cares
  20. Herzlos
  21. I Offer It Just Once
  22. I`m dying alone
  23. It`s Up To You
  24. Legal Force
  25. Master Builder
  26. My search
  27. Powerful
  28. Restrictive Delusion
  29. Self-Imposed
  30. Septic
  31. Silence ( Can Be Faithful )
  32. The Focus
  33. The Gash
  34. The Question
  35. Two forces
  36. Venture Inward `99
  37. Welcome To The Cyberspace
  38. Winds Will Blow

Absurd Minds (sometimes styled (ABSUЯD) minds) is an electronic music group from Germany. It was created by Stefan Großmann and Tilo Ladwig in 1995.

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