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  1. A Far Broken Heart
  2. Big Crash
  3. Border Town
  4. Bunkers
  5. Burning Up
  6. Carry On
  7. Catching Fog
  8. Cattle Life
  9. Closer To The Ground
  10. Destiny
  11. Do We Need a Sign?
  12. Empty Room
  13. Everyone Is Special
  14. Exactly When
  15. Five Rides
  16. Four Letter Word
  17. Guacamole
  18. Heavy Hitters
  19. Hey!
  20. How Have You Been
  21. Kansas City Shuffle
  22. Left Corner
  23. Let It Die
  24. Live It Up
  25. Maka's Song
  26. Making a Scene
  27. Man On Demand (Abuse)
  28. No More Me And You
  29. Not Going Back
  30. Nothing New
  31. Private Joker
  32. Rainbow
  33. Set Us Free
  34. She's Gonna Livia
  35. Sing Til The End
  36. Streets Of Order Square
  37. The Dream
  38. The Tall One
  39. Time To Love You
  40. To The Stars
  41. Tonight
  42. Twice Upon a Time
  43. We're Cool Enough
  44. Weight Of a Planet
  45. Wheel Of Fortune
  46. Worm's Song
  47. You Shine, Girl
  48. You Want
  49. Why So Serious? (feat. Thiago Trosso)

Abraskadabra is a Brazilian ska punk band from Curitiba, Paraná, influenced by hardcore and by third wave ska, adding Brazilian elements to their sound, as well. The band also normally does "DIY" tours.

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