Lyrics by Aardvarks

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  1. 1,000,000 Miles Away
  2. 1,000,000 Milles Away
  3. Ace Of Spades
  4. Bannanas
  5. Between Heaven And Hell
  6. Big Fat Chicken Wing Tastes So Good
  7. Carry Me Home
  8. Come Together
  9. Conglomerate
  10. Cry Me A River
  11. Dead As Yesterday
  12. Deep Sleep
  13. Fadin' Away
  14. Farkas Lemma
  15. Farkas' Lemma
  16. Fashion
  17. Filtered
  18. For God & The Nation
  19. Found A Friend
  20. Grey
  21. Harvester Of Pain
  22. Hate Your Guts
  23. Homeless
  24. Horse Called War
  25. I Feel
  26. I Thank You Child
  27. In My Time Of Dying
  28. Late Onus
  29. Losin' Your Mind
  30. Lovin' Woman
  31. Machine Gun Man
  32. Meat
  33. Merry-Go-Round
  34. O Round
  35. Offshore
  36. Profondo Rosso
  37. Road Back Home
  38. Shine On
  39. Sing It!
  40. Sold My Soul
  41. Subliminal Messages
  42. Suffocate
  43. Sweet Jesus
  44. Terminate
  45. The Chosen One
  46. The Hammer & The Nail
  47. The Hammer And The Nail
  48. The Miracle Of Life
  49. The Preppy Song
  50. The Pretzel Store
  51. The Things You Do
  52. The Wizard
  53. Throwin' It All Away
  54. Toe'n The Line
  55. Too Numb To Cry
  56. Torn & Tattered
  57. Torn And Tattered
  58. Troubled Wine
  59. Way Beyond Empty
  60. What You're Lookin' For
  61. Why? Why?
  62. Wind It Up
  63. Your Mother

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