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  1. Wo Hen Wo Ai Ni
  2. Yuan Lai Ni Shen Me Dou Bu Yao
  3. Zhen Shi
  4. Ai She Ma Xi Han
  5. Bad Boy
  6. Bie Zai Shang Kuo Sa Yan
  7. Cai Hong
  8. Chen Zao
  9. Chong Dong
  10. Diao Le
  11. Dou Shen Me Shi Hou Le
  12. Dreams You Can Hear
  13. Fen Sheng
  14. Gei Wo Gan Jue
  15. Hai You Yan Lei Jiu Hao
  16. Hao Dan Ni Jiu Lai
  17. Hei Chi Hei
  18. Hui Gu Niang
  19. Huo
  20. Ji De
  21. Jie Tuo
  22. Kai Men Jian Shan
  23. Ku Bu Chu Lai
  24. Lan Tian
  25. Ling Hun De Zhong Liang
  26. Lu Cheng
  27. Ni Hao Bu Hao
  28. Ni Shi Ai Wo De
  29. Ping Chang Xin
  30. Qian Shou
  31. Qing Ren? Di Ren?
  32. Ren Zhi
  33. Ru Guo Ni Ye Ting Shuo
  34. San Tian San Ye
  35. Shui Ai Wo
  36. So Good
  37. Ta Men
  38. Ting Hai
  39. Wo Ke Yi Bao Ni Ma
  40. Wo Yao Fei
  41. Wo Yao Kuai
  42. Wo Yao Kuai Le
  43. Xia Tian De Lang Hua
  44. Xiang Ai Hou Dong Wu Gan Shang
  45. Yi Xiang Dao Ni Ya
  46. Yi Yan Shun Jian ft. Jeng Ting Xiao
  47. Yi Ye Qing
  48. Zhi Ji
  49. Zi Mei

Kulilay Amit (Chinese: 張惠妹; pinyin: Zhāng Huìmèi, born 9 August 1972), better known by her stage name A-Mei, is a Taiwanese Puyuma singer and record producer. Born as Amit Kulilay in the rugged mountains of eastern Taiwan, she made her debut in 1996. A leading figure of the Mandopop music scene since the mid-1990s, A-Mei is widely known for breaking ground for Taiwanese indigenous peoples and being a voice for LGBT rights and gender equality. She has been given the moniker "Queen of Mandopop" and the "Pride of Taiwan." Her career longevity, resilience, artistry, and versatility have established her as a pop culture icon in the Sinophone world. Born and raised in Beinan, Taitung, Taiwan, A-Mei moved to Taipei at age 20 in 1992. In 1996, she released her debut studio album Sisters, which saw major commercial success and sold over a million copies in Taiwan. Her sophomore record Bad Boy found even greater success in Taiwan, eventually becoming the country's best-selling album of all time. Her follow up releases—Holding Hands (1998), Can I Hug You, Lover? (1999) and Regardless (2000)—received critical and commercial acclaim, with the first two also selling well over a million units. A cross-straits controversy caused her to experience a decline in sales in 2004; she would later experience a resurgence in 2006 with her album I Want Happiness?.Her albums Truth (2001), Amit (2009), and Faces of Paranoia (2014) each won her a Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer, making her one of the singers who won the category the most times. Having sold over 50 million records, A-Mei is the best selling female artist in Taiwanese music history. She is recognized as having the influence and cultural impact in Asia equivalent to artists such as Madonna in Western music and popular culture. In 2017, she was included in the "Charity Heroes List" by the Asian edition of Forbes, and her influence is even greater than that of many famous Taiwanese political and business figures.

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