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  1. 1080p
  2. Between Your Eyes
  3. Last Chance
  4. Monster
  5. Numb
  6. Reanimated
  7. Rebirth
  8. Remember

A Killer's Confession is an American alternative metal band from Cleveland, Ohio formed in 2016. The band consist of vocalist Waylon Reavis, drummer Lee Hutt, bassist JP Cross and guitarist James Skrtich. In September 2016, Waylon Reavis announced on Facebook that his new project, A Killer's Confession, had signed a deal with EMP Label Group who would release their debut album Unbroken in Spring 2017. The album was partially recorded and mixed at Kentucky's Third Sky Studio with Reavis, and co-Producers Thom Hazaert, Richard Easterling, Jon Dale, and Matt Trumpy. On Halloween 2016 AKC released their debut single "A Killer's Confession", featuring a guest performance by Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. The band, including guitarists Matt Trumpy and Paul Elliott, and drummer Jon Dale, played their first shows in December 2016, with Dead By Wednesday, culminating in a hometown show at the Cleveland Agora on December 17.

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