Lyrics by A Cloud In Circle

Find here the lyrics to your favorite songs by A Cloud In Circle.

  1. Among the Loneliness of Mountains
  2. Black Mountain's Godess
  3. By Myself...
  4. Depression's Suicide
  5. Desolate Desperation from Paradise
  6. Dying's Vision
  7. Ethereal Sense Of Solitude
  8. From Nowhere...
  9. Gallows in the Fireplace
  10. Goodbye New Year
  11. I Lost My Hope (Part I)
  12. I Lost My Hope (Part II)
  13. I wish you a Depressive Christmas... and Suicidal New Year
  14. Intro I
  15. Montains in the Sky
  16. Our Prayers
  17. Santa Claus give me a Gun
  18. Suicide At The End Of December
  19. There is not Bells to me
  20. Wounds In My Arms

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