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  1. 2:59
  2. As Coisas Que Nunca Fizemos
  3. Be The First To Believe
  4. Caught In The Middle
  5. Celebrate our love
  6. Cherish This Love
  7. Crazy For Leaving You
  8. Do you remember
  9. Everytime
  10. Forever in love
  11. Heaven by your side
  12. Here Comes The Rain
  13. Hey you
  14. I still believe
  15. I Wonder Why
  16. I'll take the tears
  17. If I Can't Have You
  18. If only
  19. If You Were My Girl
  20. Isn't It Cheap
  21. Learn Fly
  22. Let It Out
  23. Like a rose
  24. Living in a dream
  25. Make It Good
  26. Make It Through The Night
  27. No more
  28. Nothing but trouble
  29. One In Love
  30. One Last Song
  31. One More Try
  32. Power Of Desire
  33. Ready or not
  34. Same old brand new toy
  35. Scared
  36. Se Eu Não Posso Ter Você
  37. Still around
  38. Summertime of our lives
  39. Take On Me
  40. The Things We Never Did
  41. Tomorrow
  42. Too Bad Baby
  43. Walking in the rain
  44. When I'm Missing You
  45. You're Not In Love

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