Lyrics by 9mm Parabellum Bullet

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  1. (Inferno)
  2. Heart ni Hi Wo Tsukete
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Long Goodbye
  5. Sen No Tsubasa
  6. (Teenage) Disaster
  7. 3031
  8. Answer And Answer
  9. Black Market Blues
  10. Living Dying Message
  11. Taiyou Ga Hoshii Dake
  12. Talking Machine
  13. The Revolutionary
  14. The World
  15. Vampiregirl
  16. Arechi
  17. Atarashii Hikari
  18. Bad Medicine
  19. Butterfly Effect
  20. Candle No Akari Wo
  21. Candle No Tomoshibi Wo
  22. Caution
  23. Cold Edge
  24. Cosmos
  25. Dare Mo Shiranai
  26. Dark Horse
  27. Discommunication
  28. Elevator Ni Notte
  29. Endless Game
  30. Face to Faceless
  31. Faust
  32. Garasu No Machi No Alice
  33. Ginsekai
  34. Gogo no torikago
  35. Grasshopper
  36. Hangyaku no March
  37. Heart-Shaped Gear
  38. Heat-Island
  39. Hell
  40. Hi Matsuri
  41. Hide
  42. Hide & Seek
  43. Hikari no Ame ga Furu Yoru ni
  44. Hoshi ni Negai wo
  45. Inochi No Zenmai
  46. Invitation
  47. Kaleidoscope
  48. Kamome
  49. Keyword
  50. Kuroi Mori no Tabibito
  51. Lady Rainy
  52. Lightning
  53. Lonely Boy
  54. Lost!!!
  55. Mad Pierrot
  56. Marvelous
  57. Meikyuu no Living Dead
  58. Mizuumi
  59. Monday
  60. Morning Bell
  61. Mr. Suicide
  62. Muddy Mouth
  63. Na Mo Naki Hero
  64. Next To The Station
  65. Psychopolis
  66. Romaji
  67. Scarlet Shoes
  68. Scenes
  69. Sector
  70. Siberian bird ~ Namida no Wataridori ~
  71. Sleepwalk
  72. Stand By Me
  73. Starlight
  74. Suna No Wakusei
  75. Sundome
  76. Supernova
  77. Survive
  78. Termination
  79. The Silence
  80. Trigger
  81. Tsugi No Eki Made
  82. Wanderland
  83. Warui Kusuri
  84. We Are Innocent
  85. Wildpitch
  86. Zero Gravity
  87. 夏が続くから (Natsu ga Tsuzuku kara)

9mm Parabellum Bullet (キューミリ・パラベラム・バレット, Kyūmiri Paraberamu Baretto) is a Japanese rock band, formed in March 2004 in Yokohama. It consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Takuro Sugawara, guitarist and backing vocalist Yoshimitsu Taki, bassist Kazuhiko Nakamura, and drummer Chihiro Kamijo, who came up with the band's name. Piano pieces included in some songs are performed by Taki, while the characteristic shouts are provided by Nakamura.

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