Lyrics by 9Goats Black Out

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  1. 690min
  2. A light
  3. Any
  4. Atena No Nai Tegami
  5. Babel
  6. Belzebuth
  7. Den lille Havfrue
  8. Float
  9. HARMS
  10. headache
  11. Heaven
  12. In The Rain
  13. Kanbi Na Shigai
  14. Keibetsu
  15. Lestat
  16. Lilith
  17. Lithium
  18. Missing
  19. Negai
  20. Nude
  21. Panta Rhei
  22. Rakujitsu
  23. Raw
  24. Reminisce
  25. ROMEO
  26. SALOME
  27. Sink
  28. Sleeping Beauty
  29. Table Of The Mortal Sins
  30. Tanatos
  31. Tenshi
  32. Yasashisa No Imi
  33. Yasou -Nocturne-
  34. Yasoukyoku -nocturne
  35. You
  36. Yuuutsu To Kodoku

9Goats Black Out (stylized as 9GOATS BLACK OUT) was a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2007. The band was signed with the independent label Dalli.

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