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  1. The Weekend (MILLI Remix) (feat. Bibi)
  2. 2 The Face
  3. Always Rising (NIKI, Rich Brian & Warren Hue)
  4. California (feat. Jackson Wang, Warren Hue, Rich Brian & Niki) (Remix)
  5. California (feat. Warren Hue, Rich Brian & Niki)
  6. Don’t Go Changing (feat. Ylona Garcia)
  7. Fire To The Fuse (feat. League of Legends & Jackson Wang)
  8. Foolish (feat. Guapdad 4000, Warren Hue & Rich Brian)
  9. froyo (feat. Warren Hue, Rich Brain & BIBI)
  10. Gold Coast
  11. Head In The Clouds (feat. Joji)
  12. History (feat. Rich Brian)
  13. I Love You 3000 ll
  14. La Cienega (feat. Joji & Niki)
  15. Midsummer Madness (feat. August 08, Higher Brothers, Joji & Rich Brian)
  16. Mind Games (feat. MILLI & Jackson Wang)
  17. Peach Jam (feat. Joji & Blocboy Jb)
  18. Poolside Manor (feat. AUGUST 08 & NIKI)
  19. Red Rubies (feat. Don Krez, Higher Brothers, Rich Brian, Yung Bans &¨yung Pinch)
  20. Shouldn't Couldn't Wouldn't (feat. NIKI & Rich Brian)
  21. Split (feat. NIKI)
  22. T
  23. Tequila Sunrise
  24. The Weekend (feat. BIBI)
  25. Too Many Tears (feat. Warren Hue)
  26. Warriors (feat. Warren Hue & Seori)

88rising (stylized as 88⬆), formerly known as CXSHXNLY (pronounced "cash only"), is an American record label founded in 2015 by Sean Miyashiro. According to their website, Miyashiro describes it as a “hybrid management, record label, video production, and marketing company”.The company has gained popularity as a music platform and record label primarily for Asian American artists such as Joji, Keith Ape, Rich Brian, and Niki. Miyashiro once stated that 88rising is "The Disney of Asian hip-hop". In 2019, 88rising was awarded Label of the Year by Netease, one of the largest music streaming platforms in China.Headquartered in New York City, the company also has offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Outside of its core group, the company has collaborated with other artists, most notably KOHH, CL, DPR Live, Yaeji, Phum Viphurit, Verbal, and Hikaru Utada.

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