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  1. Por Um Segundo
  2. Recomaçar

78K is the trademark name of 16- and 8-bit microcontroller family: 23-4–23-5 : 78  manufactured by Renesas Electronics, originally developed by NEC: 229  started in 1986.: 7, line 2  The basis of 78K Family is an accumulator-based register-bank CISC architecture. 78K is a single-chip microcontroller, which usually integrates; program ROM, data RAM, serial interfaces, timers, I/O ports, an A/D converter, an interrupt controller, and a CPU core, on one die.: 412 Its application area is mainly simple mechanical system controls and man-machine interfaces.Regarding software development tools, C compilers and macro-assemblers are available.: 99  As for development tool hardware, full probing-pod type and debug port type in-circuit emulators, and flash ROM programmers: 22–24  are available. Historically, the family has 11 series with 9 instruction set architectures. As of 2018, 3 instruction set architectures, those are 8-bit 78K0, 8-bit 78K0S, and 16-/8-bit 78K0R, are still promoted for customers' new designs. But in most of cases, migration to RL78 Family, which is a successor of 78K0R and almost binary level compatible with 78K0R,: 20  is recommended.

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