Lyrics by 5 Bugs

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  1. 45 Seconds of Kick Ass
  2. A Secret Left to Find
  3. Appetite At First Sight
  4. Automatic
  5. Fighting in the Name of Rock'N'Roll
  6. In Between
  7. Inside Of Me
  8. Just Another Tragic Story
  9. Just Another Tragic Story (German)
  10. Light Up Your Fire
  11. Living the Limits
  12. Maybe Tomorrow
  13. No One's There
  14. Order to Kill
  15. Over Is a World I Cannot Deal With
  16. Phantoms
  17. The Air I Breath
  18. The Fiction
  19. The Great Escape
  20. Too Proud to See
  21. Visions
  22. Wake Me After Midnight
  23. War Without Resistance
  24. We Stop at Nothing

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