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  1. Tease Me
  2. Why
  3. 24-7
  4. Anything
  5. Anything (Spanish Version)
  6. Anything (Spanish Version)
  7. Brotherhood
  8. Croire En Ces Mots
  9. Detour
  10. Didn't Mean To Hurt You
  11. Disappeared
  12. Endless Christmas
  13. Fire
  14. Forever girl
  15. From Now Until Forever
  16. Give Me All Your Lovin'
  17. Gotta Be You
  18. Guilty
  19. I Appreciate
  20. I Need You
  21. I Would Do Anything
  22. I'm So Alone
  23. If You Leave Me Now (with T-Rio)
  24. Lost In Your Love
  25. Memories
  26. Missing You
  27. Party Tonight
  28. Sex Appeal
  29. Sexual Attention
  30. Someone To Love
  31. Stubborn (It's A Shame
  32. Stuck On You
  33. Thankful
  34. They Say
  35. Thinkin'
  36. Waiting For Love
  37. What Will It Take
  38. With You
  39. Without You
  40. Words Without Meaning
  41. You Are The Ones

3T is an American R&B/pop music trio featuring the three sons of Tito Jackson (from the Jackson 5) and Delores "Dee Dee" Jackson, from whom they inherit their Dominican ancestry. The band members include, from eldest, Tariano Adaryll Jackson II ("Taj") (born August 4, 1973), Taryll Adren Jackson (born August 8, 1975) and Tito Joe Jackson ("TJ") (born July 16, 1978). Their late uncle Michael Jackson mentored the trio, and signed them to his label MJJ Music.

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