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  1. All Aboard
  2. All I Do
  3. And It's True
  4. Clap Your Hands
  5. Don't Lose Hope
  6. Don't Wanna Go Away
  7. Dry Your Eyes
  8. Get With Me
  9. Him Or Me
  10. How Can This Be
  11. I'm Sorry
  12. If Ever
  13. If Ever (So So Def remix) feat. Baby Stase and Loon
  14. If They Only Knew
  15. It's Apart
  16. My Friend
  17. Now I Can Breathe
  18. Party Tonight
  19. Superstar
  20. Tonight
  21. Type of Mood
  22. Verse I:
  23. What Would It Be Like
  24. You Don't Want Me To

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