Lyrics by 3rd Alley

  1. All Alright
  2. All My Friends Are Flaky
  3. American Dream
  4. Amsterdamned
  5. Antidote
  6. Battlewounds
  7. De Ja Vu
  8. Dirty Sponge
  9. Evil Lurks
  10. Freedom Isn't Free
  11. Hibernation
  12. Hit Mix
  13. Hoopla
  14. I Need Sleep
  15. Karmakaze
  16. Let It Go
  17. Lies That We Tell
  18. Little Bohemia
  19. More Of You
  20. Movers And Shakers
  21. My Little Ho
  22. Relatively Speaking
  23. Sav-on-Drugs
  24. The Downtrodden

It often happens that when you like a song by a specific group or artist, you like other songs of theirs too. So if you like a song by 3rd Alley, you'll probably like many other songs by 3rd Alley.

To discover the patterns in 3rd Alley's songs, you just have to read their lyrics carefully, paying attention not just to what they say, but how they are constructed.