Lyrics by 3LAU

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  1. How You Love Me (feat. Bright Lights)
  2. Is It Love (feat. Yeah Boy)
  3. Alive Again (Feat. Emma Hewitt)
  4. All Night Long
  5. Better With You (feat. Justin Caruso & Iselin)
  6. Dirty Neon
  7. Down For Life
  8. Easy (feat. XIRA)
  9. Escape
  10. Everything (feat. Funkin Matt)
  11. Fire (feat. Said The Sky & NÉONHÈART)
  12. Happy / Sad
  13. Is It Love
  14. Miss Me More
  15. On My Mind (feat. Yeah Boy)
  16. Ow My Own (feat. Nevve)
  17. Star Crossed
  18. Touch (feat. Carly Paige)
  19. Walk Away
  20. Worlds Away
  21. Would You Understand (feat. Carly Paige)
  22. You Want More

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