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20th Century Fox 384
A Wild-Eyed Christmas Night 376
After the Fire is Gone 344
Against The Night 230
Around and Around 304
Back Alley Sally 229
Back Door Stranger 311
Back On The Track 270
Back To Paradise 305
Back Where You Belong 177
Bad Looks Good on You 261
Bone Against Steel 370
Breakin' Loose 313
Bring It On 298
Burning Bridges 306
Can't Keep a Good Man Down 281
Can't Shake It 162
Caught Up In You 315
Chain Lightnin' 287
Changed By Love 319
Chattahoochee 329
Comin Down Tonight 236
Deja Voodoo 160
Don't Wanna Get It Dirty 320
Fade to Blue 319
Fantasy Girl 325
Find My Way Back 299
Firestarter 312
First Time Around 176
Fly Away 349
Four Wheels 210
Gypsy Belle 309
Haley's Got A Harley 209
Hallelujah, It's Christmas! 375
Has There Ever Been a Good Goodbye 201
Heart's On Fire 361
Hiding From Yourself 217
Hittin and Runnin 338
Hold On Loosely 197
Hold Onj Loosedly 265
Homeless Guitar 189
Honky Tonk Dancer 380
Hot'Lanta 386
Hurts Like Love 216
I Been a Mover 229
I Fall Back 231
I Just Wanna Rock and Roll 372
I Oughta Let Go 189
I Outta Let You Go 350
I'm a Fool for You 383
If I'd Been The One 213
Innocent Eyes 265
It's Christmas and I Miss You 205
Jam On 272
Jimmy Gillum 327
Jingle Bell Rock 198
Just a Little Love 270
Just Can't Leave You Alone 382
Just Hang On 284
Just One Girl 362
Just Wanna Rock & Roll 205
Last Thing I Ever Do 368
Last Time 299
Like No Other Night 184
Little Sheba 312
Long Distance Affair 147
Long Time Gone 207
Love Strikes 243
Make Some Sense of It 383
Midnight Magic 258
Miracle Man 375
Money Honey 325
Never Be Lonely 308
Never Give an Inch 242
Once in a Lifetime 402
One in a Million 383
One Of The Lonely Ones 323
One Time For Old Times 331
Play a Simple Song 255
Prisoners Of Rock n Roll 222
Quick Fix 200
Rebel To Rebel 157
Rock And Roll Strategy 293
Rockin' Into The Night 388
Rough-Housin' 194
Same Old Feeling 172
Saving Grace 183
Second Chance 213
See Me In Your Eyes 157
Shatter the Silence 201
She Loves to Talk 313
Shelter Me 185
Sheriff's County Line 265
Signs Of Love 157
Somebody Like You 301
Something I Need 351
Stone Cold Believer 365
Take 'Em Out 390
Take Me Back 383
Take Me Through the Night 187
Teacher, Teacher 217
Tear It Up 241
Tell Everybody 242
That Old Rockin Chair 270
The Love That I've Lost 298
The Play 312
The Sound Of Your Voice 151
The Squeeze 368
Throw Out the Line 352
Travelin Band 159
Travelin' Man 233
Treasure 278
Trooper With An Attitude 320
Trouble 255
Turn It On 212
Turnin to You 367
Twentieth Century Fox 385
Undercover Lover 309
What Can I Do 289
What's It To Ya 324
Who's Been Messin' 315
Wild Eyed Southern Boys 394
Wild-eyed Christmas Night 377
You Be The Dam I'll Be The Water 214
You Definitely Got Me 355
You Got the Deal 368
You Keep Runnin' Away 156
You're the Captain 282
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