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  1. Dancing In My Room
  2. Memories
  3. Be Happy
  4. ​candyflips!
  5. till the sun comes
  6. Demons And Monsters
  7. noname
  8. sinkhole.
  10. Bipolar Waves
  11. Elevate
  12. Harmony
  13. IDWK
  14. Live How I Want
  15. SUNDAY
  16. SUNR!SE
  17. Trouble
  18. When The Devil Cries

Aidan Fuller (born June 8, 2003), known professionally as 347aidan, is a Canadian rapper from Cambridge, Ontario. Aidan went to Southwood Secondary School. He is most noted as a two-time Juno Award nominee at the Juno Awards of 2022, receiving nods for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Fan Choice.

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