Lyrics by 32 Leaves

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  1. All Is Numb
  2. Blood On My Hands
  3. Deep Breath
  4. Disarray
  5. Endless Shadows
  6. Erase All Memory
  7. Human
  8. Makeshift
  9. Never Even There
  10. No Meaning
  11. Only Want To Mend
  12. Overflow
  13. Protocol
  14. Safe Haven
  15. Seal My Fate
  16. Sideways
  17. Slave
  18. Sudden Change
  19. Waiting
  20. Watching You Disappear
  21. Way Beyond
  22. Wide Awake
  23. Your Lies

32 Leaves is an American rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. After releasing their first full album Welcome to the Fall in 2005, they were able to attract major label support from Universal Records. However, plans fell through and they ended up releasing their second album, Panoramic, independently on March 15, 2009.

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