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  1. Doggy Style
  2. Mi Equilibrio Espiritual
  3. Señora, Devuélvame la Pelota, o Si No, No Se Que Haré
  4. Yo Nunca Vi Televisíon
  5. Mi Muñeca Me Habló
  6. Yo Opino
  7. Nunca Me He Sacado Un 7
  8. El Dinosaurio Anacleto
  9. Objecion Denegada
  10. Sueño Imposible
  11. Señora Interesante
  12. Son Pololos
  13. Bailan Sin Cesar
  14. Tanganica-Tanganana
  15. Mi Mamá Me Lo Teje Todo
  16. Diente Blanco, No Te Vayas
  17. Rin Raja
  18. Severlá
  19. Regla Primordial
  20. Ratoncitos
  21. Drácula, Calígula, Tarántula
  22. Me Cortaron Mal el Pelo
  23. Amurrao
  24. Mala
  25. Ríe
  26. Boing Boing Boing
  27. Canción de Navidad
  28. El Huerfadrino
  29. Mr. Guantecillo
  30. Primavera
  31. Maguito, El Explosivo
  32. Comete Tus Vegetales
  33. Din Don Corre
  34. Lala
  35. Calurosa Navidad
  36. Cortaram Mal O Meu Cabelo
  37. Equilíbrio Espiritual
  38. Guacala
  39. Hielito
  40. Vida no Mar
  41. Dentinho de Leite, Não Vai Embora
  42. El Arrepentimiento de Juan Carlo Bodoque
  43. Eu Acho
  44. Eu Nunca Vi Televisão
  45. Minha Mãe Tece Tudo
  46. O Orfãodrinho
  47. Papá Te Quiero
  48. Por Favor, Devolva a Minha Bola, Vizinha, Sou Só Uma Criança
  49. Péndulo Caótico

31 minutos (English: 31 minutes) is a Chilean comedy television series and a children's music virtual band created by the production company Aplaplac (owned by Álvaro Díaz, Pedro Peirano and Juan Manuel Egaña) that was first broadcast March 15, 2003 on Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN). The program is a parody of 60 Minutos, a controversial news program broadcast on the same channel throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Its format as a current affairs news program led by host Tulio Triviño frames a variety of unexpected and humorous events involving various members of the news team. The show features both explicit and implicit educational messages alongside content simply designed to show ridiculous and funny situations. In its first period, the series had three seasons, from 2003 to 2005, in addition to a participation for the 2003 Chilean Telethon and a Christmas special that same year. On March 27, 2008, the series was taken to the cinema under the title of 31 minutos, la película. After the third season and for the next nine years the series had no new episodes. In 2012, the production company Aplaplac confirmed that the series would return to television with a fourth season, which was released on October 4, 2014 through TVN, and its last original episode was broadcast on the night of December 27, 2014. During its run, the series received universal acclaim from critics and viewers alike, with praise directed to its clever humour, soundtrack, accessibility towards children about complex issues and helping to revitalize the Chilean puppetry tradition. From 2004 to 2007, it was broadcast throughout Latin America by Nickelodeon and from 2015, it began to be broadcast by Cartoon Network. It also broadcasts in Mexico on Canal Once and Once Niños, and its most recent season is available in the Netflix Latin America catalog. 31 minutos has performed throughout Chile and Mexico, making the program a musical band. On their tours they perform the songs broadcast on the program and their musical works outside of it.

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