Songs by Thirty Seconds To Mars

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100 Suns 316
93 Million Miles 431
A Beautiful Lie 326
A Modern Myth 435
Alibi 395
Anarchy In Tokyo 365
Attack 491
Bad Romance 409
Battle Of One 281
Birth 403
Bright Lights 266
Buddha For Mary 456
Capricorn (A Brand New Name) 256
City Of Angels 364
Closer To The Edge 467
Conquistador 371
Convergence 425
Cross The Line 414
Dangerous Night 459
Dawn Will Rise 442
Depuis Le Debut 441
Do Or Die 248
Echelon 352
Edge Of The Earth 262
End Of All Days 456
End Of The Beginning 424
Escape 463
Fallen 263
From Yesterday 355
Great Wide Open 297
Hail To The Victor 281
Hallelujah 449
Heaven Can Wait 308
Hero 479
Hidden To Label 436
Hunter 346
Hurricane 436
Hurricane (feat. Kanye West) 438
Kings And Queens 414
L490 313
Live Like A Dream 416
Love Is Madness (feat. Emma) 446
Love Is Madness (feat. Halsey) 444
Monolith 324
Mountain Song 345
Night Of The Hunter 369
Northern Lights 356
Oblivion 454
Occam's Razor 273
Old Blues Song (Guillotine) 335
One Track Mind (feat. A$AP Rocky) 344
Pennyroyal Tea / Rape Me 465
Permanent Revolution 299
Phase 1 - Fortification 346
Praying For a Riot 342
Pressure 457
Pyres Of Varanasi 383
R-Evolve 273
Remedy 483
Rescue Me 331
Rescue Me (remix) (feat. Projota) 406
Revenge 409
Revolution 478
Rider 284
Santa Claus Through The Back Door 295
Save Me 354
Save The Children (Unreleased) 443
Savior 287
Search And Destroy 352
Silent Scream 464
Sister Of Heresy 452
Some Other Sun Son 253
Stay 392
Stranger In a Strange Land 275
Stronger 480
The Believer 265
The Fantasy 370
The Greatest Story Never Told 291
The Kill (Bury Me) 355
The Kill (feat. Pitty) 385
The Mission 416
The Race 302
The Reckoning 344
The Rescue 306
The Story 427
The Struggle 320
This Is War 263
Time To Wake Up 322
Up In The Air 487
Valhalla 295
Vox Populi 369
Walk On Water 435
Was It a Dream? 304
Welcome To The Universe 408
Where The Streets Have No Name 438
Witness 276
Wouldn't Change A Thing (feat. ILLENIUM) 296
Year Zero 275
Yesterday's Lies 276
You're Gonna Love This 453
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