Lyrics by 3 Hombres

Do you love 3 Hombres's songs? Here you'll find the lyrics to 3 Hombres's songs so you can sing them at the top of your lungs, make your own versions, or simply understand them properly.

We have compiled all the lyrics of 3 Hombres's songs we could find so that those who, like you, are looking for songs by 3 Hombres, find them all in one place.

Find here the lyrics to your favorite songs by 3 Hombres.

  1. As Três Noivas
  2. Aventura
  3. Canção
  4. De Volta Ao Oeste
  5. Dia 13
  6. Fim do Verão
  7. Geladeira Amarela
  8. Hotel
  9. O Trem
  10. Um Tonel Na Estrebaria
  11. Vinte Anos

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