Lyrics by 3 Feet Smaller

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  1. 3 Feet Smaller
  2. A Very Special Christmas Day
  3. All The Time
  4. Alone in the Dark
  5. Angelstar
  6. Another Broken Heart
  7. Anyway
  8. Be My Baby
  9. Better Off Dead
  10. Car or Bike
  11. Christmas Day
  12. Christmas Tree
  13. Commercial Radio
  14. Completely Different
  15. Damn, We Need A Title For This Song
  16. Dance With Me
  17. Dancing In The Rain
  18. Declared Void
  19. Fade Away
  20. Falling Down
  21. Favorite Enemy
  22. Ghost Track
  23. I Hear My Ass Farting Your Name
  24. I've done wrong
  25. Let It Out
  26. Lie Baby, Lie!
  27. Maybe Next Year
  28. Morning After
  29. My Inspiration
  30. Neverending Dream
  31. On & On
  32. One Night Stand
  33. One Time Young
  34. Poor Little Drummer
  35. Punk?
  36. Reason Unknown
  37. Recover
  38. Rich Bitch
  39. Sabrina
  40. Satan Clause
  41. Scared
  42. Snore
  43. Sorry
  44. Strike Back
  45. Suffocate Me
  46. Teenage Anthem
  47. Tonight
  48. Truckstop Jenny
  49. Up to the Stars
  50. Vienna Chainsraw Massacre
  51. Winter Sucks

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