Lyrics by 3 Doors Down

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  1. Here Without You
  2. Kryptonite
  3. When I'm Gone
  4. Be Like That
  5. Away From The Sun
  6. It's Not My Time
  7. Let Me Be Myself
  8. Let Me Go
  9. Landing In London
  10. Goodbyes
  11. Heaven
  12. Loser
  13. Your Arms Feel Like Home
  14. So I Need You
  15. Story Of a Girl
  16. The Road I'm On
  17. Back To Me
  18. Believer
  19. Every Time You Go
  20. Going Down In Flames
  21. Here By Me
  22. I Don't Wanna Know
  23. Inside Of Me
  24. My World
  25. Round And Round
  26. The Better Life
  27. Ticket To Heaven
  28. When You're Young
  29. Bad Day
  30. Be Somebody
  31. Behind Those Eyes
  32. Believe It
  33. Better Life
  34. By My Side
  35. Changes
  36. Citizen/Soldier
  37. Dangerous Game
  38. Dead Love
  39. Decibel
  40. Deep Inside Of You
  41. Down Poison
  42. Duck And Run
  43. Falling In Love Again
  44. Father's Son
  45. Feet In The Water
  46. Fell From The Moon
  47. Fire
  48. Found Me There
  49. Give It To Me
  50. Gone Forever
  51. I Feel You
  52. I Had a Bad Day Again
  53. I Won't Go
  54. I'm So Far Down
  55. In The Dark
  56. It's Not Me
  57. It's The Only One You've Got
  58. Let Me Go
  59. Life Of My Own
  60. Live For Today
  61. Live Of My Own
  62. Living A Lie
  63. Living In Your Hell
  64. Long Day
  65. Love Is a Lie
  66. Man In My Mind
  67. My Way
  68. Never Will I Break
  69. Nobody Knows
  70. Not Enough
  71. On The Run
  72. One Light
  73. Pages
  74. Pieces Of Me
  75. Pop Song
  76. Presence Of The Lord
  77. Race For The Sun
  78. Right Where I Belong
  79. Runaway
  80. Running Out Of Days
  81. Sarah Yellin'
  82. She Don't Want The World
  83. She Is Love
  84. Shine
  85. Smack
  86. Still Alive
  87. Superman
  88. That Smell
  89. The Broken
  90. The Champion In Me
  91. The Real Life
  92. The Silence Remains
  93. There's a Life
  94. There's Never a Forever Thing
  95. These Days
  96. This Time
  97. Time Of My Life
  98. Train
  99. Us And The Night
  100. Walk Before You Run
  101. Wasted Me
  102. What's Left
  103. When It's Over
  104. Where My Christmas Lives
  105. Who Are You

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