Lyrics by 3 Colours Red

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  1. Age Of Madness
  2. Alright Ma
  3. Aniseed
  4. Back To The City
  5. Be Myself
  6. Beautiful Day
  7. Calling To The Outside
  8. Cancel The Exhibition
  9. Copper Girl
  10. Ficou Pra Trás
  11. Fit Boy
  12. Fit Boy + Faint Girl
  13. Halfway Up
  14. Halfway Up The Downs
  15. Hateslick
  16. Hold Me & Kiss Me
  17. Intermission
  18. Love's Cradle
  19. Mental Blocks
  20. Nerve Gas
  21. Nuclear Holiday
  22. Nuclear Holyday
  23. Paralyse
  24. Paranoid People
  25. Pirouette
  26. Pure
  27. Sixty Mile Smile
  28. Sixty Miles Smile
  29. Song On The Radio
  30. Sunny In England
  31. This Is My Hollywood
  32. This Is My Time

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