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  1. Make dem talk

William Orioha (born 3 March 1981), known professionally as 2Shotz, is a former Nigerian rapper and songwriter who is now a US-based photographer and filmmaker. He won the award for Best Collaboration at The Headies 2006. His debut studio album Pirated Copy was released in 2004. It was supported by three singles: "Carry Am Go", "Odeshi" and "Delicious". 2Shotz's second studio album Original Copy was released in 2005. He released his third studio album Commercial Avenue in 2007. His fourth studio album Music Business was released in 2008. 2Shotz released I am William and Loud Silence as his fifth and sixth studio albums in 2010 and 2016, respectively. He is a hip hop artist who raps in English, Pidgin and Igbo.

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