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  1. I Am The Best (내가 제일 잘 나가)
  2. Can't Nobody (English Ver.)
  4. UGLY
  5. Fire
  6. I Am The Best (feat. Justin Bieber)
  8. CRUSH
  9. Good To You
  10. I Am The Best (Japanese)
  11. I Love You
  12. I Love You (Japanese)
  13. COME BACK HOME (Unplugged Version)
  14. Fire (Japanese)
  15. HAPPY
  16. I Don't Care
  17. If I Were You
  18. It Hurts (English)
  19. It Hurts (Slow)
  20. Goodbye (안녕)
  21. Gotta Be You (English Version)
  22. Lonely
  23. MTBD (CL solo)
  24. Please Don't Go
  25. Revolution (CL feat. Diplo)
  26. SCREAM
  27. Stay Together
  28. 너 아님 안돼 (GOTTA BE YOU)
  29. Ah Yah Yah
  30. Baby I Miss You
  31. Baksu Chyeo
  32. Be Mine
  33. Brokenhearted Girl
  34. Clap Your Hands
  35. Clap Your Hands (Japanese)
  36. COME BACK HOME (Japanese Version)
  37. CRUSH (Japanese Version)
  38. Did it On'Em
  39. Do You Love Me
  40. Do You Love Me (Japanese)
  41. Don't Cry
  42. Don't Cry (English Version)
  43. Don't Stop the Music
  44. Don't Stop The Music (Japanese)
  45. Excuse
  46. Falling In Love
  47. Falling In Love (Japanese)
  48. Follow Me
  49. Follow Me (Japanese Version)
  50. Gettin' Dumb (Feat.
  51. Go Away
  52. Go Away
  53. Go Away (Japanese)
  54. Good To You
  55. Gotta Be You (Japanese)
  56. Halo (Minzy Cover)
  57. HAPPY (Japanese)
  58. Hate You
  59. Hate You (Japanese)
  60. Having An Affair (feat. Park Bom)
  61. Heartbreaker
  62. I Don’t Care (Japanese)
  63. I Love You (English)
  64. I'm Busy
  65. If I Were You (Japanese)
  66. In The Club
  67. Intro (New Evolution)
  68. It Hurts (Japanese Version)
  69. Kiss (Sandara feat. CL)
  70. Last Farewell
  71. Let's Go Party
  72. Lifted (CL)
  73. Like a Virgin
  74. Lollipop (feat. Big Bang)
  75. Lonely
  76. Love Is Ouch
  77. Love Is Ouch (Japanese)
  78. Love Is So Difficult
  79. Mental Breakdown (CL)
  80. MISSING YOU (Japanese)
  81. MISSING YOU (그리워해요)
  82. MTBD (Mental Breakdown)
  83. Na Bappa
  84. Nal Ttara Haebwayo
  85. Only Look At Me
  86. Pretty Boy
  87. Say Goodbye
  88. Scream (Korean Version)
  89. She's So (Outta Control)
  90. So Sick (CL Cover)
  91. Take A Bow
  92. Take The World On
  93. The Baddest Female (CL Solo)
  94. The Leaders (CL feat. Teddy & G-dragon)
  95. Try To Follow Me
  96. Ugly (Japanese)
  97. Umbrella
  98. We Belong Together
  99. We Ride
  100. You & I
  101. You and I (feat Tae Yang)

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