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  1. 100 Hrs
  2. Baby's First Word
  3. Beat Of The Drum
  4. Boys In Heat
  5. Bye-bye Texas
  6. Controlled Burn
  7. Cover Of Rolling Stone
  8. Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider
  9. Easy Listening
  10. Flavor Of The Week
  11. Hand Of The Brand
  12. Hands Down
  13. Hung Up
  14. Jazz Chorus
  15. Keith And Telecaster
  16. Kramer In LA
  17. Maybe I
  18. Me And My Blue Angels
  19. My Bike
  20. Not In The Band
  21. Over And Over
  22. Planetarium
  23. Poet In Residence
  24. Shooting From The Hip
  25. Something I'll Have To Remember
  26. Steven's
  27. Strung Out On You
  28. Sucking The Thumb
  29. Summer Interlude
  30. Summer Of Your Dreams
  31. Sunkist
  32. Teenage Overpopulation
  33. Trigger Finger
  34. Try to Be On My Side Now
  35. Velodrome
  36. W-2
  37. When You Were My Sharona
  38. Which Itch Are You Scratching Today
  39. Wouldn't It Be Nice To Let It Be
  40. You're So Cool

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