Lyrics by 2nd Chapter of Acts

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  1. Are you goin' to Narnia?
  2. Aslan Is Killed
  3. Beware My Heart
  4. Bread of Life
  5. Bread of Life (Reprise)
  6. Christmas, Where Are You?
  7. Daydreamer
  8. Don't Understand It
  9. Easter Song
  10. Gifts from Father Christmas
  11. Gold in the clouds
  12. He's Broken Thru
  13. He's My Source
  14. Heaven Came to Earth
  15. Here I go
  16. I'll give my life away
  17. I've Got a Break in my Heart
  18. I've Heard The Stars Sing Before
  19. Lightning Flash
  20. Lucy's Gone
  21. Make my life a prayer to You
  22. Mansion Builder
  23. Mountain Tops
  24. Nobody can take my life away
  25. Psalm 93
  26. Rainbow
  27. Rejoice
  28. Rise Up And Take a Bow
  29. Rod and Staff
  30. Room Noise
  31. Salm 63
  32. Something Is Happening In Me
  33. Son of Adam, Daughter of Eve
  34. Starlight, Starbright
  35. Tell The Truth
  36. The Roar Of Love
  37. The White Stag
  38. Turkish Delight
  39. Well, Haven't You Heard
  40. What a Day
  41. Which Way the Wind Blows
  42. Will You Remember Me?
  43. Witch's Demise / Get It Into Your Head
  44. Yaweh

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