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  1. 1988
  2. 1999
  3. 28 Days
  4. A General
  5. Ball Of Hate
  6. Birthday
  7. Deadly Like
  8. Democracy
  9. Do Our Part
  10. Early Mornings
  11. Eats Away
  12. Empty One
  13. Friends
  14. Girls 101
  15. Goodbye
  16. Hate now
  17. I Remember
  18. Information Overload
  19. January
  20. Just calling
  21. Just To Make You Happy
  22. Kid Indestructible
  23. Kill The Fake
  24. Kill The Fake (Seshoo)
  25. Know The Score
  26. Kool
  27. Like I do
  28. Never Give Up
  29. Pessimy & The Devil
  30. Photos
  31. Plastic fucks
  32. Rip It Up
  33. Rise
  34. Rise Above
  35. Rollin Gang
  36. Run away
  37. Sand
  38. Say What?
  39. She's Waiting
  40. Song For Jasmine
  41. Stealing Chairs
  42. Sucker
  43. Take Me Away
  44. The Bird
  45. The old you
  46. This songs about you
  47. True Story
  48. Tunnel Vision
  49. Use It
  50. What Do You Want From Me
  51. What You Know
  52. What's the deal
  53. Your river

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