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  1. Wise To Da Game
  2. Abort
  3. Absence of Sincerity
  4. As One
  5. Backfire
  6. Believe In Me
  7. Belive in Me
  8. Best Of Friendz / Enemies
  9. Bullet For Every Enemy
  10. Da Low Down
  11. Drown in Your Own Blood
  12. Eliminator
  13. Fight Dirty
  14. Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment
  15. Hardcore Rules
  16. Haters
  17. Haterz Be Damned
  18. Heavenly Sleep
  19. Heavently Sleep
  20. I Dont Care About You
  21. LadyLuck
  22. Let The Past Be The Past
  23. Loose Wit Da Truth
  24. Loyal to Da Grave
  25. Minor Threat
  26. Over The Years
  27. Pain is Temporary
  28. Positive Hardcore GO!
  29. Promise Keeper
  30. Question Yourself
  31. Refocus
  32. Short Fuse
  33. Smakin' You Up
  34. So Cold
  35. Strenght Through Unity
  36. The Next Level
  37. The Players and The Played
  38. Took my Kindness, For Weakness
  39. Turning Point
  40. We Got The Spirit
  41. You Can Count on Me

25 ta Life is an American New York hardcore band that originally formed in mid-1991.

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