Lyrics by 22 Pistepirkko

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  1. (Just A) Little Bit More
  2. All Night Café
  3. At The Everybody's
  4. Bare Bone Baby
  5. Beautiful Morning
  6. Big Bed
  7. Birdy
  8. Blue Balloon
  9. Boardroom Walk
  10. Bubblegum Couple
  11. Coffee Girl
  12. Coma Moon
  13. Don't Play Cello
  14. Don't Say I'm So Evil
  15. Don't Try to Tease Me
  16. Downhill City
  17. Fly On
  18. Frankenstein
  19. Frustration
  20. Geronimo
  21. Gimme Some Water
  22. Hey Man
  23. Hong Kong King
  24. Horror O'Horrible remake by 22-P
  25. Horseman's Son
  26. Household Affairs
  27. I Do Do I
  28. I Never Said
  29. I'm Back
  30. I'm Right
  31. I'm Staying Now
  32. Last Night
  33. Let the Romeo Weep
  34. Lost Lost Love
  35. Motorcycle Man
  36. Nappy King Blues
  37. Night Train Miss
  38. Onion Soup
  39. Oo My Head
  40. Papa
  41. Roundabout by 22-P
  42. Sad Lake City
  43. Save My Soul
  44. Searching & Looking
  45. Shadow
  46. She's So Shy
  47. Shot Bayou
  48. Snowy Dave
  49. Swamp Blues
  50. Taxi 74
  51. Texacoson
  52. Till the Day I Die
  53. Tired Of Being Drunk
  54. Tokyo Tiger
  55. Truth
  56. Wild Billy
  57. You´re Mine - Blues

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