Lyrics by 21 Guns

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  1. Battered ‘N’ Bruised
  2. Blood Gone Bad
  3. Come On In
  4. Jungleland
  5. Just a Wish
  6. Kings Vengeance
  7. Knee Deep
  8. Little Sister
  9. Marching In Time
  10. Mister Mofo
  11. Movin’ On
  12. No Soul
  13. No Way Out
  14. Nothing’s Real
  15. Pays Off Big
  16. Tell Me
  17. The Eyes
  18. The Otherside
  19. The Rain
  20. U & I
  21. Underground
  22. Walking
  23. Wolves

21 Guns or Twenty-One Guns may refer to: 21-gun salute, an arms salute as a military honor 21 Guns (band), a 1990s rock band formed by Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham "21 Guns" (song), a song from Green Day's 2009 album 21st Century Breakdown "Twenty-One Guns" (ER), a 2006 episode from the 12th season of the medical drama ER "Twenty-One Guns", a song on the 1996 split EP Ignite / Good Riddance

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