Lyrics by 20 Minute Loop

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  1. Cora May
  2. All My Friends/Drowning
  3. 5 AM to 9 AM
  4. Aeroflot
  5. All Manner
  6. Ambassadors
  7. Aquarium Song/Kiddie Porn Sting
  8. Automatic Pilot
  9. Book of J
  10. Bunnyman & Chickengirl
  11. Carlos the Jackal
  12. Daughter's Down
  13. Disconnect
  14. Dr. Vitus Werdegast
  15. Elephant
  16. Empire
  17. English as a Second Language
  18. ESMA
  19. Everybody Out
  20. Face Like a Horse
  21. Force of Habit
  22. Hell in a Handbasket
  23. Hookworm
  24. I'll Never Forget You
  25. It's Time To Honor Ghouls
  26. Jubilation
  27. Latin Names and Straight Pins
  28. Mechanical Angels
  29. Mercury Vapor
  30. Miriam Hopkins
  31. Mompha Termina
  32. Moses
  33. Our William Tell
  34. Parking Lot
  35. Pilot Light
  36. Properties of Dirt
  37. She Hated Dogs
  38. The Bone is the Orbital Planet of the Nerve
  39. The Kirkbride Plan
  40. Up On The Hill
  41. Vaccine
  42. Vanilla March
  43. We Wait for the Crown
  44. Winsor McCay
  45. Winsor McCay
  46. You Know So Much

20 Minute Loop is a San Francisco-based band notable for its self-proclaimed "freak-pop" sound which exhibits hook-heavy tunes and complex vocal harmonies. The band split up in 2009, but has since reformed.

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