Lyrics by 20 Fingers

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  1. Work That Love
  2. Lick It
  3. Mr. Personality
  4. Sex Tonight
  5. Boom I Got Your Boyfriend
  6. boom! I fucked your boyfriend
  7. Cave Man
  8. Coochie Dance
  9. Horny
  10. Latin Kings
  11. Lick It (Unedited)
  12. Position #9
  13. Sex Machine
  14. Sex Tonight
  15. Short Dick Man
  16. Ugly Motha Sucka

20 Fingers is the name of an American production team consisting of producers and DJs Carlos "Charlie Babie" Rosario, Manfred "Manny" Mohr, J.J. Flores and Onofrio Lollino. They were popular in the mid-1990s for producing a series of pop, dance and rap songs, many of which were distinguished by their humorous or risqué lyrics.

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