Lyrics by 2 Ton Predator

Do you love 2 Ton Predator's songs? Here you'll find the lyrics to 2 Ton Predator's songs so you can sing them at the top of your lungs, make your own versions, or simply understand them properly.

Find here the lyrics to your favorite songs by 2 Ton Predator.

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  1. A Big Bastard Of A Bad Day
  2. A Funeral Romance
  3. Bone Brigade
  4. Butcher's Bill
  5. Closet Guy
  6. Demon Dealer
  7. Diabolic
  8. Enter the Halls
  9. Golddigger
  10. Gone Forever
  11. Hammered
  12. Hell is Where You're Headed
  13. Henchmen
  14. Infestation of Salvation
  15. Killing Flames
  16. Nightmares
  17. No. 1 Crematorium
  18. Of Sins Sublime
  19. Pipeyard Killings
  20. Ready to Die
  21. Reckoning Day
  22. Sky Burial
  23. Slowly Slaughtered
  24. The No One Crematorium
  25. Transparent Venom Addiction
  26. Two Bullets
  27. White Knuckles

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