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  1. 3 Minutes
  2. 718
  3. Artificial Flavor
  4. Ball Point Man
  5. Bbq
  6. Big Beat Evangelists
  7. Brew Ha Ha!
  8. Change The World
  9. Coming Home
  10. Deal Of The Century
  11. Friends Don't Let Friends Listen to Rap Metal (Force Remix)
  12. Get In The Van
  13. Girl With The World In Her Eyes
  14. Grown Up
  15. Horns of Destruction
  16. I Can't Hear You?
  17. I Said I Loved You
  18. Inside My Room
  19. Irresistable Force
  20. Lemon Drop
  21. Lost and Found
  22. Loud Nieghbors
  23. Love Like Mountains
  24. Meadowblaster
  25. Mindtrick
  26. Next Big Thing
  27. One Summer
  28. Organic Machine
  29. Pass the Buck
  30. Pluto!
  31. Riot Nrrrd
  32. Secret Frequency
  33. Sergeant Stiletto
  34. Skinnee Business
  35. Space Avengers Return to Base
  36. Stockholm Love
  37. Sugar And Candy
  38. The Best
  39. The Good, The Bad, And The Skinnee
  40. The Good, the Bad, the Skinnee
  41. The Whammy
  42. Who Wants This?
  43. Wild Kingdom
  44. You're A Champion

2 Skinnee J's (alternatively spelled Two Skinnee J's or Too Skinnee J's) is an American hip hop band from Brooklyn, New York, whose music has been categorized as nerdcore and rap rock. The band was founded in 1991 by Special J (vocals), Rabbi J-Slim (vocals), Joey Viturbo (guitar), Sammy B (bass guitar), DJ Casper (keyboards), and Andy Action (drums). With numerous line-up changes, the band was active through the 1990s until 2003, when they officially disbanded. The group recorded several demos, 2 EPs, and 3 studio albums; SuperMercado! on Capricorn Records, Volumizer on Volcano Records, and Sexy Karate on Dolphins vs. Unicorns. The band went through several key membership changes before its breaking up in 2003, although they briefly reunited for reunion tours in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

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