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  1. Gan Qing Xian (affective Line)
  2. Bu Gou Yong Gan
  3. 2 Sweet
  4. Affective Line
  5. Ai Qing Te Mai
  6. Angel's Eye
  7. Anniversary
  8. Bomba Bomba
  9. Bu Hou Hui De Jue Ding
  10. Call My Name
  11. Chess For 2
  12. Cong Tou
  13. Deceive
  14. Enticing Trick
  15. Forgotten
  16. Gan Qing Xian
  17. Hero
  18. I'm So Hot
  19. Ji Nian Ri
  20. Liang Ge Ren De Xi Yang Qi
  21. Magic Room
  22. Meng Li
  23. Mi Gong
  24. Mo Fa 'smile' Magical Smile
  25. Not Brave Enough
  26. Once Again
  27. One Umbrella
  28. Perfect Lover
  29. Qi Pian
  30. Suffering
  31. Tien Mi Yue Ding (a Date So Sweet)
  32. Wan Mei Qing Ren (perfect Lover)
  33. Wei Ni Zheng Fu Quan Shi Jie
  34. Xun You Qi SHi (feat. Jason Hsu)
  35. You're Always Beautiful
  36. Zai Yi Bian
  37. Zhen Ai

183 Club is a Taiwanese boyband managed by Jungiery. In other words, 183 Club is part of J-Star. Originally they were called "183 Yu Le Bu," meaning "183 Entertainment Group," but it was later decided that the name should be shortened to what it is now: 183 Club. The average height of the original five members combined is roughly 183 cm, hence the group name 183 Club. However, it is true that only one member is actually 183 cm tall: Yen Hsing-su, the former leader of 183 Club. They have acted in various Taiwanese dramas such as Magicians of Love, The Prince Who Turns into a Frog and Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux. The group's Magicians of Love Original Soundtrack won Best Original Soundtrack at the 2007 HITO Radio Music Awards, presented by Taiwanese radio station Hit FM.

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