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  1. 1085
  2. 25
  3. Ano hi ano yoru boku wo terashiteita tsuki no hikari
  4. Ban ! Ban ! Bang !
  5. Beautiful Days
  6. Boku No Koe
  7. Boku wa Nanda
  8. Byuutifuru Deizu
  9. Change My World
  10. End Of ...
  11. Everything
  12. Freedom
  13. Glory Days
  14. GO!!!
  15. Gogatsu Iro
  16. Gurafitii
  17. Happy Life
  18. Harukaze
  20. Kokorokara
  21. Manhattan
  22. Melody
  23. Merodii
  24. Meronpan
  25. My Life your melody
  26. My Pretty Dog
  27. Natsu Hanabi 17 Sai
  28. Orange
  29. Party
  30. Pazuru
  31. Picasso
  32. Purasutikku - Paapuru Ribaa (no Hotori Nite)
  33. Reason
  34. Remember
  35. Sakura
  36. Saraba Koibito
  37. SHAIN, Hikari no Michishirube
  38. Shiroi KURISUMASU
  39. Side Story is
  40. Smash
  41. Snow
  42. Sora Ni Utaeba
  43. Sora Ni Utaeba (inglês)
  44. Soredake
  45. State of Mind
  46. Story is
  47. Sunday
  48. Tabibito
  49. Tegami
  50. Tiki Tiki BANG BANG!!
  51. Time Out
  52. Wa
  53. Your Song
  54. Yuki to namida to otoko to shiwasu
  55. Yukkuri to kieta hana
  56. Yuuyake Falsetto

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