Lyrics by 1476

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  1. Anno Domini
  2. Ave Apollo
  3. By Torchlight
  4. Closed Casket Heart
  5. Der Vampyr
  6. Dithyramb
  7. Ettins
  8. Evoke You
  9. Good Morning, Blackbird
  10. Herne's Oak
  11. Know Thyself, Dandy
  12. Medicine Man
  13. Mutable: Cardinal
  14. Odessa
  15. Oriens Astrum
  16. Our Ice Age
  17. Our Silver Age
  18. Solitude (Exterior)
  19. Solitude (Interior)
  20. Son Of The Hunter
  21. Sorgen (Sunwheels)
  22. Swallow The Sun
  23. The Cleansing Scourge
  24. The Demons In The Circle
  25. The Nightside
  26. The Wanderer
  27. This Is Not Lucid
  28. To Call Up Smoke
  29. To Draw The Fifteen
  30. To Lye In Waite
  31. To Reveal The Shadow Self
  32. Winter Of Winds
  33. Winter Of Wolves

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