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  1. Beneath My Hand
  2. Bird Of Prey
  3. Bred In The Bone
  4. Cootie Girl
  5. Dirty Little Rat
  6. Going Under
  7. Lift You Up
  8. Menefreghista
  9. Moment Of Clarity
  10. More
  11. Naked
  12. Perpetual Motion Machine
  13. Reptile Boy
  14. Satellite
  15. Saviour
  16. Slow
  17. Smoke & Ashes
  18. Smoke and Ashes
  19. Tailpipe Blues
  20. The Estrangement
  21. The Golden Age
  22. The Listener
  23. Unbound
  24. Unconscience
  25. Vermillion
  26. What If We Don't Get What We Want
  27. Zone

13 Engines was a Canadian alternative rock band active in the 1980s and 1990s.

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